Importance of having an Advanced Time and Attendance Management System

Running a small or large enterprise or even being the manager in one can be exhausting and time consuming task. You have to monitor your employees, deal with customer or client concerns, etc. in fact you are in charge of everything and anything that happens in that organization.  With so much on your plate it is imperative to have an Advanced Time and Attendance Management system which can plug unnecessary costs and time involved in monitoring the attendance of employees. Moreover, an advanced attendance system increases the employee efficiency and at the same time it gives the cost benefits to your organization.

CATS – Centralized Attendance Tracking Software is a web based application which enables you to track your employee’s attendance on real-time, which helps you remove the stress of receiving any false attendance or manipulated reports. As attendance reports are the basic need on which further calculation of employee’s payroll is done, you need very high degree of reliability and accuracy. One miscalculation can hurt the reputation of an employee and change their anticipated pay, which further leads to decrease in employee’s work efficiency. It also affects the cost to organization in case if employee is getting paid even for the days he was absent.

High ROI with Payroll

All this pressure related to attendance monitoring encourages organizations to invest in an Advanced, State of the Art Time and Attendance management system. It would also be interesting to high light associated payroll processing systems which provides a really helping hand for HR’s in calculating the pay of employees.

Below is a review of CATS- Centralized Attendance Tracking Software which is an advanced software solution that is recommended to make your job easier and at the same time also make all of your employees happy.

Centralized web-based Application

CATS is a web based application. So it facilitates you to keep records of multiple branches/ locations of your organization at central location and access the data as and when required. When an organization has offices at more than one location, it is difficult to monitor and track the employees of all locations on real-time. But with CATS- Centralized Attendance Tracking Software it is as easy to monitor any number of locations. It is as simple as monitoring of one location. Further CATS has a lot of new features which help you save your time and money.

Real-time Tracking

Real-time tracking is one of the most important feature of CATS- Centralized Attendance Tracking Software. We know how essential it is to accurately keep track of the IN and OUT timings of each employee. But this tracking becomes increasingly difficult when the number of employees increase and/ or the number of locations of the office increases. CATS- Centralized Attendance Tracking Software not only provides you with real time data, it also offers excellent accuracy. So at any point of time you can be assured that the data received is in real time and is 100% accurate.

Shift Scheduling

CATS also enables you to schedule and manage the various shifts of employees. Shift scheduling is an important task involved in employee attendance management. Employee not in his shift causes productivity loss. You can generate any number of shifts for any number of branches.

Employee Self Service

This is the most significant feature of the CATS-Centralized Attendance Tracking Software. Have you ever considered how it would be if your employees can track their own attendance? Yes with employee self-service feature, now employees can track their own attendance and they will be aware of their calculated pay days. This feature also helps you create a paperless system for various application such as Leave, OD, Attendance Regularization, Advance etc. Employees can apply online and get it approved.  This also removes the employees conflicts with regard to paydays.

Payroll Processing

Making the payroll is the most stressful task. It is anxiety inducing  to not only make sure that everyone is getting their dues, but also that the organization is not distributing  “Not due” money.

Try CATS- Centralized Attendance Tracking Software Today!

Let us guess. To manage your employee’s attendance, right now you may have a couple of spreadsheets, but for the most part you’re probably keeping track of your employees scheduling on a piece of paper or maybe lots of pieces of paper.

But a paperclip is not enough to prevent you from making scheduling oversights. Apart from scheduling, CATS also helps you to figure out who goes IN/OUT and from Where and on What day. It also offers many more features such as easy updation of organization policy, powerful notification dashboard, Email/SMS notifications, automatic download and processing of reports, Easy integration with any third party software, etc.

With CATS it is very easy to edit and make quick changes whenever required. It is easy to operate CATS, if you know how to open the program then you know how to use it. You don’t need to be a super computer savvy.

Please visit us at to learn more about how this time and attendance management system can help you monitoring your employees and with your next payroll processing. CATS not only saves your lots of time, but also makes your employees a lot happier as well as more productive.