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Modern Software for Time and Attendance Management

All work places, where a number of worker come together to work, a business establishment, an industrial set up, an office or any other,  big or small, need an accurate and efficient system of marking attendance. There may be 20 workers or 2000, it doesn’t matter. The management needs to know every day how many of them are present & whether they came in time & left at proper time; how many were on casual leave; outdoor duties; how many were on compensatory off; how many put in extra hours- all this information is needed for making salary statement, for office records & for monitoring overall efficiency of the organization.

So far in our country, attendance records are maintained manually in a large number of organizations. Manual handling is subject to a) human error b) intentional manipulation c) slow speed & delay in information in reaching the management. All this leads to unnecessary, slowing down the production, financial loss and demoralization of the workers. As for losses you have a very recent example of Delhi MCD, as it appeared in the press, that 20800 workers drawing salaries were ghost workers, marking attendance and drawing salaries. During my career of 20 years dealing with automatic attendance tracking systems, I have come across dozens of such organizations as were making losses till they changed over to modern devices and made their attendance system cent percent accurate  efficient, & foolproof.  For centuries man used quills and inkpot for writing, then came fountain pens, ball pens and other devices. In this age, sticking to manual handling of attendance system is like sticking to quills and inkpot for writing.

Now let us see how the modern machines & software can be used for the purpose & what a remarkable change it can bring about in our efficiency, in the output of our organization and contentment and happiness of the workers themselves. As attendance report is the basic need on which further calculation of employees’ payroll and other benefits are based, it needs to be extremely accurate. This cent percent accuracy is not possible by manual handling. One miscalculation can hurt the morale of an employee and change his mental state. On the other hand incorrect attendance would affect the expenses of the organization, as in the case of Delhi MCD mentioned above.

Now, comes a machine & tracking software, named CATS (CATS stands for Centralized Attendance Tracking Software). The machine identifies the employee & marks his time of arrival & date. This information is instantly sent to the central location of the organization. Organization with multiple branches in the same city or different cities or even in foreign countries, can have a centralized control which is of immense all round benefits. Cats is a web based application. It gives accurate record of an employee’s IN & OUT time movement & that too instantly & at any time. Another feature of this software is that it schedules and manages shifts in which the worker works. Still another feature is that an employee can track his own attendance record – a feature that brings in immense satisfaction to him. Then there are paperless system for him, such as leave, Out Duty, attendance regularization, advances, etc. He can apply online and get approved.

CATS can take care of drawing payroll. Often an anxiety ridden  task for the management. Other features in the software are – easy implementation of the organization policies, notification dashboard, Email/SMS notification, automatic downloading & processing of reports, easy integration with any third party software. The last but not least good feature is that CATs is very easy to operate.