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Visitor Management System

Finding it difficult to manage a continuous stream of visitors coming to your organization? Knowing who came, when, to meet whom and for what duration- is a major concern of the Security Department. It is a very major concern for organizations to secure the workplace in a foolproof manner, streamline the visitor check-in process, capture detailed information of visitor and analyze the visitor movement within organization. Now forget your worries and do it with ease. The Web based RS-VMS is a comprehensive tool that helps you manage visitors efficiently. It facilitates capture of photographs, saves all necessary details, issues non-usable, non-transferrable, on-site printed Visitor Passes, networks multiple branch offices by having a common Visitor database, allows generation of  MIS reports in order to know the frequent visitors, frequently visited members and notifies in case  visit time exceeds more than the estimated time. Repeated visitors can be allowed speedy entry as their details are auto picked from the database.

Further upgrades allows linking of the Visitor Management System with access control systems i.e. either a door, turnstile, tripod or a flap barrier. You can also restrict entry of visitors to certain areas, restrict entry of some unwanted visitors, etc. So the software saves your valuable time by managing pre-scheduled visits and un-scheduled visits in a more effective way. RS-VMS would be ideal for locations like Museums, Multi-branch offices, Government Buildings, Large Buildings with multiple offices, etc.

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