Zero Contact, 100% Attendance with Face Recognition Attendance System

Safeguard your workplace with Face Recognition based Attendance System!

Is your workplace ready for a post-covid attendance management system?

If you think an online attendance system is enough to assure the safety of your employees, then you are wrong.

The future of biometric attendance systems is with contactless Face Recognition attendance systems. A multi-biometric recognition system ensures smart contactless attendance through face identification in a face mask coupled with a mandatory body temperature check.

RSBPL’s Face Recognition Attendance System is an intelligent machine designed to assure contact less attendance recording.

RS-CATS swiftly records attendance at a safe distance of 3-meter without having employees stand in a queue for attendance. The machine makes a mandatory temperature check and face mask detection on every employee and visitor. Any discrepancy is identified with an inbuilt alarm.

The machine in itself comes in a sleek design and has flexible deployment. The unique feature of RS-CATS is that it can read both the Face and Palm of all your employees.

Any attempt to disguise the machine by presenting an image for marking attendance is immediately identified and refused by the RS- Centralized Attendance System. A centralized Attendance System gives high-performance results in tracking and tracing the attendance data from Multi Locations in real-time.

RS-BPL is constantly engaging to deliver new-age technology-driven solutions to our clients. We understand the market before anyone else and bring customizable solutions for your organization’s needs.

So, what are you waiting for?

RSBPL's Contact-less Face Recognition Attendance System with Temperature and Mask Detection is ideal for Large Labor intensive as well as small organizations.


Attendance Marking
Face Mask Detection of every
Employee & Visitor
Thermal Check of every
Employee & Visitor
Face-Identification up to
a 3-meter distance
Attendance Recording in
less than 1 second

Ensure Safety and Attendance of Your Employees