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Contactless Attendance System | The present and future of ‘Normal Life’

The post-pandemic lifestyle trend is all about contactless technology. From your doorstep delivery to employee tracking, Contactless Attendance System has taken over everything in public life. The concept of using a contactless device for payment or verifying identity was first introduced by the now defunct “Contact” project and it’s been used across many industries since then. Today, you can use this system on anything from an airline boarding pass to a subway card which makes it easy for customers as well as businesses alike because they don’t need any physical documents at hand when utilizing these systems.

What is Contactless Attendance System?

The Contactless Attendance System is an advanced biometric attendance system that captures attendance through facial recognition technology. It provides accurate time and attendance data without any physical contact.

The software uses python technology to identify employees by scanning their face. It has multiple added features like palm identification and automated thermal screening. It generates reports, alarms, and many more! The software is a great tool that can be used in the office or at home for your convenience when you’re looking for someone who’s been gone too long from work or out of town on business trips with no explanation.

How does Contactless Attendance System work?

The Contactless Attendance System is a system that uses facial recognition technology to automatically record attendance data as well as detect if you’re wearing a mask or not. It also has an in-built alarm for people who are walking past the machine with temps above normal.

The Contactless Attendance System is a system that uses facial recognition technology to automatically record attendance data as well as detect if you’re wearing a mask or not. It also has an in-built alarm for people who are walking past the machine with temps above normal. The contactless attendance system is designed to reduce paper and manual labour, while reducing theft on campus by having automatic detection of individuals passing through the gates without paying their fees.

What are the Features of Contactless Attendance System?

  1. Cloud Based Attendance Management System: Contactless Attendance System offers a cloud-based attendance system that comes with several benefits such as ease of access, flexibility and availability. The interface is accessible across all devices, capturing employees’ attendance regardless of their location. There is also a browser integration feature for those who are unable to use the app – mark your presence even if you can’t get online!
  2. Multiple Interfaces: You may have heard about facial recognition and the mobile app, but there are also other ways of marking your attendance. For example, the company uses biometric software to record time spent at a certain location. This enables them to reduce their chances for failure in registering employees’ presence at work because it is both faster and more accurate than legacy methods like paper cards or manual recording on a system that sometimes goes out-of-sync with technology changes.
  3. Geo-fencing Feature: Contactless Attendance System comes with added feature of Geo-Fencing that allows the admin to decide a location radius within which the employee must be located in order to mark their attendance. It is useful when they are working from home, in office or on site.
  4. Smooth Integration: Contactless Attendance Software is a step in the right direction for HRMS integration. It can be linked with any HRM system, simplifying payroll and helping to maintain employee data. The software can also be integrated with Arogya Setu App, which helps improve workplace health and safety by providing physical activity guidelines.
  5. Real-time data: Contactless attendance software comes with features like capturing locations, tracking time and numbers of employees. Their absence management system supports unlimited number of employees and their registration process is simplified without any hardware- it’s all done remotely.
  6. Attendance Reports and Leave Management: The admin has access to a dashboard that gives insight into the attendance data for the company. The departmental attendance data and average employee attendance are also shown on this dashboard. If an employee is absent, notifications go out to all concerned parties-the admin receives notification about it as well as reports about what’s being done in order to catch up with the employees who were away from work; those employees receive notification of not only their absence but also what is being done because of it.
  7. Promotes hygienic practices and digitalization: The contactless attendance management system promotes hygiene and a safer workplace environment by eliminating the need for contact. This is especially important in situations where there are an influenza pandemic or any other public health issue that can be spread through touch or bodily fluids like saliva, blood, etc.

Top 3 Benefits of Contactless Attendance System

Top 3 Benefits of Contactless Attendance System are as follows:


Time Saving                            Accurate                         Infection-free

The Contactless Attendance System is a major time saver. It takes only 1 second for the face mask detection and body temperature check to be completed, which makes attendance no hassle at all.

Contactless attendance technology is a more reliable way of recording attendance. This machine accurately detects when someone walks through the door and records their presence without any problems in terms of detecting face masks or body temperature checks.

Contactless technology, a much safer and reliable means of attendance in work places or schools, minimizes the spread of infection. Contactless cards are becoming common place as they allow for quick identification without any hassle.

Contactless Technology is used for many different purposes such as paying for goods with your credit card at stores (credit/debit), getting into buildings or public transport (access control) and making payments online through various platforms like PayPal. In addition to these uses, contactless technologies can also be utilized by employers who have implemented this new method to ensure that their employees are attending work on time without having to worry about being late because they needed more time than what was allotted during their shift due to traffic accidents.

Written by:

Sanjive Mehta, the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjive Mehta

Sanjive Mehta is the director at RS Barcoders Pvt. Ltd., a multiple award-winning HRIS & Automated Technology company. He is an IIT Delhi Alumni and Pioneer in providing Biometrics solutions in India.