Do you aim to be
the best industrial service
organization in India.

Do your clients find you prompt
and up-to-date?
Are you a reputed service provider for the manufacturing sector?
Is your client list growing?

If the answer to any one of these questions is a ‘NO’ then we advise you to look inwards, the issue may lie with you.

For all the clients of this stature, getting a prompt and an on-time service is of prime importance, they feel secure with such service partners.

And what’s stopping you from being prompt? Is it the old way of doing business.

RSHRIS brings you a highly effective tool to manage your service staff: The Field Force Tracker.

This tool helps your service engineers to plan their annual schedule, landing them at the exact desired place where they ought to be.

And it helps you to support them by offering effective monitoring leading to higher customer satisfaction. Higher efficiency and profits are just some compliments!

RS-Field Force Tracker - Mobile Interface

Features of the RS-Field Force Tracker

schedule industrial visits
optimal route planning
scheduling periodic
Features of RS-Field Force tracker
live chat with your
service engineers
service reports & records
onsite presence verification
with selfie & geo tag

Benefits of the RS-Field Force Tracker to Users:

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