RS - Human Resource Information Solution ( RSHRIS )

Businesses can save lakhs of rupees every month by avoiding wrong data, errors in attendance calculation and miscalculation in salary bills. Some leakages are due to loop-holes in the existing systems leading to irregularities, and some are due to inherent weaknesses in the attendance capturing mechanisms. RS Human Resource Information Solution ( RSHRIS ) is a powerful and feature-rich web-based time and attendance management software to plug leakages and check frauds at any stage.

RS-Smart Face mask detection & Temperature Screening device

RSHRIS- Face Recognition, Face Mask Detection & Temperature Screening

Wearing face mask has become a new way of living. In the midst of current crisis, it has become really essential to examine the people entering your facility to make it safe for all. RSHRIS’s Face Mask Detection with Temperature Screening satisfies this need. It has mask recognition module that detects the person and mask; allowing only the right person with mask to enter the premises. It also has a temperature detection sensor that detects for fever and does not allow the febrile person inside. 

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