Secure your school campus with RSHRIS online Attendance Management System

With the right technology solutions like RSHRIS Online School Attendance Management System, you can keep these guidelines in-check, plus ensure 100% student safety with the help of technology.

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RSHRIS Online Attendance Management System: What we do differently?

COVID 19 Vaccination Reminders: Vaccination is the ONLY way to ensure health safety in these times. Hence RSHRIS Online School Attendance Management System ensures EVERYONE who enter school premises are either vaccinated against COVID or have had their RT-PCR test done in every 15-days. These reminders play an important role in minimizing the virus circulation within the school community. In case of non-compliance the attendance system will alert and send reminders to the concerned.

5 Problems with 'manual' health and safety of school attendance!

  • Irregularities in Face Mask Detection
  • In-reliable Thermometer measurements
  • Manual Errors with student safety
  • Excessive Admin workload
  • Expensive
  • 5 best things about RSHRIS online Attendance Management System!

  • Face Mask Detection
  • Thermal Screening
  • Vaccination and RT-PCR Test Reminders
  • Registered School Pick-ups Only
  • Live Bus Attendance

  • RSHRIS Online Attendance system is the ONLY Face Recognition based attendance system that detects Face mask and checks body temperature. None of our competitors provide the feature of face mask detection with Face Recognition Attendance Machine.

    Taking a notch up in health and security of students RSHRIS Online Attendance Management System makes sure school community is completely protected against COVID with frequent Vaccination and RT-PCR test reminders.

    Not just health safety the features on Live Bus & School Attendance makes sure no student is left unaccounted for saving parents/guardians time for extra school run) Also, black-listing unwanted people from the system memory ensures no foul play is found with student’s security within the school campus.
    online school attendance system

    Features of Face Recognition Attendance Machine

    With the Face Recognition Attendance Machine, you can now track attendance
    and maintain COVID-19 guidelines all in one shot. There are plenty of features to take advantage of with this super handy machine-
    • Multiple Contactless Attendance Verification like Face, Palm, Fingerprint
    • Dual Camera for liveliness Detection
    • Temperature detection at 50 cm distance
    • 10,000 Face Capacity
    • 5’’inch LCD Screen
    • Stainless steel sleek design with adaptors and LAN connectivity
    You can read more about RSHRIS Face Recognition Attendance System as a technology here:

    Benefits for Educational Institutions Admins

  • Attendance Capturing through Contactless Face Recognition
  • ‘ALL’ Vaccinated school staff and teachers.
  • Secure IN/OUT monitoring of students with instant alerts to parents
  • Accessible real-time student attendance data with daily reminder to parents
  • Black list unwanted people
  • Bi-weekly and Monthly Covid 19 Vaccination and RT-PCR test reminders to parents
  • The machine will verify your face and record any event. It will then send the data to a server, where the software will process the data and generate a report. The online report can be used for several things, such as class attendance reports, teacher presence reports, and absence report.

    Welcome to the future, where visiting a location will require nothing more than your mobile device. On arrival, your photo will be
    captured and uploaded into the visitor registry. Your body temperature and presence of a face mask will be checked, as well as how long you are staying
    for. If you overstay the present time, the system will automatically report you to the concerned person.

    • A large LED numeric display can be placed at strategic locations to show the running up-dates on the Total Number of people inside the premises. This display would be updated online.
    • Categorization would be available into Students, Teachers, Visitors, Contractual/etc.
    When a guardian, who has been registered on the school’s Flap barrier, wishes to take a student home, they will show their face to the camera. The child’s photograph will then be shown on the screen for verification. If approved, an automatic message will go to the parent about their child’s departure from school.
    As soon as the children enter the school, an SMS can go to the parents about the event automatically. This can be made optional, depending upon the parents’ choice.
    Parents can log into the Attendance Portal and access a report on their child’s attendance at the school. The school authorities will get an automatic message if a student is late or absent from class.
    The bus system has each child accounted for. As
    soon as all the children of one bus leave from the school, they can send a message to the bus teacher that all the children of that bus are out. That way, she can count kids in and make the bus start.
    School administration can block unwanted people and when someone tries to enter the educational institution campus can be stopped right at the gate.

    About RSHRIS

    RSHRIS is a global leader in security, surveillance, and attendance systems. Our COVID-Safe Automated Attendance Solution is an all-in-one answer to your needs. It will allow you to keep track of your students and staff by using the latest facial recognition technology to automate attendance. You can also use the system for other purposes like authorizing visitors or check students’ activity throughout school time.

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