RS-SAMS: Fastest Student Attendance Management System


RS-SAMS is a digitized student attendance management system that makes student attendance tracking paper-free and hassle-free. As per UGC rules, Colleges allow Students to sit for Semester Exams only if Students have a minimum of 75% Attendance in each Subject. However, keeping track of this attendance figure is a painstaking task that is presently dependent on teachers’ manual labour.

To resolve this problem, RS-SAMS becomes like an attendance manager for students. RS-SAMS is a portable attendance machine that captures classroom attendance through face recognition attendance technology. Along with attendance management, RS-SAMS provides additional features that help manage on-campus student attendance with ease.

What is Student attendance management system?

A student attendance Management System like RS-SAMS is an electronic attendance machine to capture classroom attendance through a portable attendance machine and track absentee records, subject-wise, lecturer-wise, and other documents. Facial recognition technology in RS-SAMS completes the entire attendance process within 1 min or less, which makes it the FASTEST attendance system.

The system presents attendance data in a detailed report that makes semester-attendance compliance a transparent process.

What are the problems with current attendance tracking?

Teachers are now spending more time on administrative duties than they do teaching. This is a huge problem considering how important it is to focus on what you’re good at and leave the rest for later!

Time Consuming

Taking manual attendance for every classroom is heavily time-consuming. Considering the vast classroom density, this takes up more than half of lecture time. Also, the job does not end here. This attendance data is manually entered into the ERP systems installed by colleges which brings out-of-classroom attendance work for lectures. This covers 75% of lecture working hours in covering attendance errands rather than focusing on providing quality education to students.

Chaotic Attendance Compliance

Under the UGC guidelines, it is mandated that students who have 75% attendance can attend exams. This makes attendance compliance an essential part of college life. But who manages it? How do you keep track of this data? In reality, as exam time approaches, students and teachers face massive chaos in sorting attendance timesheets. This chaos affects students' performance as it diverts the attention of both lecturers and students from exams to attendance, all unnecessarily.

Error Page

Manual Attendance handling is prone to errors. There are no 2-ways to it. Professors presently manually type in attendance data into the ERP system, which leads to mistakes, and these mistakes cost heavily on the students' part. They sometimes lose a reasonable opportunity to sit in semester exams because the data entered was incorrect. This is unfair to students and teachers as they are putting extra hours into filling attendance duties.


Being on a college campus is a lot of stress; you manage academic lectures, assignments, internships, lab exercises, and many other things to keep up with the competition. Amidst all this, unclear attendance data becomes a huge issue. In addition, the importance of attendance compliance to sit in the exams makes it highly stressful for students.

Benefits of RS-SAMS Student Attendance Management System:

RS-SAMS Student Attendance Management System transforms the entire attendance mechanism in the classroom. It is time-saving, cost-effective, and offers automated reports that bring transparency to college administration for better decision-making.

Automated Attendance Entry

Presently, colleges have ERP systems in place where lecturers have to manually enter the attendance data, which time consuming, error-prone and hard labour. RS-SAMS automatically transfers punches through Wifi LIVE to the Server, making no requirement for teachers to enter the data manually.

Safe Attendance Solution

Post-Pandemic, assuring student safety from infection spread, especially while they are on-campus, is a considerable challenge. The facial recognition technology used in RS-SAMS captures attendance contactless. Lecturers take the portable attendance machine and scan through students' faces sitting in the classes, and all data is stored.

Customized Reports

RS-SAMS gives detailed reports that are classified subject-wise and lecturer-wise; it segregates classes held v/s classes missed for each student, which makes it very easy for students to examine their attendance performance and plan out their schedules accordingly


RS-SAMS offers an attendance management solution in the form of portable attendance machines. This makes it cost-effective as a set of devices can be rotated and bring digital solutions to manual attendance tracking.

battery icon

Strong Battery

RS-SAMS Comes with solid battery life. It has eight hours of battery backup and is easy to use, which means one charge. You can easily cover one day of lecturers. It has even got a metal casing with rubber padding gives the device durability. The software auto-processes the punches against the Time Table to show percentages. It handles Regular/Lateral Entry and Backlog Students, Labs, and Elective.

Digitizing the Attendance mechanism in academic institutions is the only way to go forward. It saves a lot of paperwork, extra working hours of lectures that are not dedicated to enhancing educational quality, and students who have a user-friendly attendance solution to plan their classes. RS-SAMS covers all these factors.

Additionally, we offer in-house customization as per your requirement, so you do not have to comply with standard machines and technology. Our very efficient team of engineers and developers is happy to serve you with solutions that meet your requirement.